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10 Best Clothes Steamers Consumer Reports 2020

Ironing makes you irritated as it is easy to scorch your clothes. Do you want to buy a more useful product? Then, you are at the right place to look for the best clothes steamers

Clothes steamers, also known as garment steamers, operate electronically. The primary aim of steamers is to remove wrinkles on clothing. As the name implies, the appliance employs high temperatures to convert water into steam to function. Therefore, it is common that garment steamers come with small tanks, storing water to make steam. 

Top 10 Best Clothes Steamers Consumer Reports

MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

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The first product that we want to introduce to you is MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer. It is a perfect match for travelers who would like to  carry it anywhere they go.

Manufactured without wire, you can conveniently and easily use MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer, just like your  smartphone. So, when the portable steamer does not connect to a power source, does it take much time to heat up? The answer is no, you need to wait around 25 seconds. 

The best feature of this garment steamer must be its unique technology, which prevents water from leaking. Thanks to this feature, you can steam your clothes either hanging or lying without any concerns about wetting them.

On the flip side, there is the possibility of rust steaming after half a year or one year. It can then scorch your clothes and need to be rid of as a result.


  • Cordless steamer
  • Heating up in a very short time
  • No water leaking


  • Possibility of rust steaming

B006CR9KGA Conair Extreme Steam

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To help housekeeping done more effectively, Conair produces B006CR9KGA Conair Extreme Steamer. This model is specially designed for steaming any fabric type, from clothes to curtains.

B006CR9KGA Conair Extreme Steamer can deal with every fabric type with the dual heat settings, including 200 degrees and 395 degrees. While the first setting works best with satin, silk, nylon, or polyester; the second one is suitable for cotton or wool. 

The steaming task is done better with three attachments that you can easily remove and assemble. The first one, garment brush attachment, can effectively accelerate bacteria’s reduction rate, while wrinkle-free passion can make creases disappear quickly. The last extension, a soft cushion, can tackle fragile fabric.

Although you need to wait one minute and steam in 15 minutes, your job can still be disrupted as water may drop or spill over the steamer.


  • Dual heat technology
  • Three attachments able to removed
  • Short heating time


  • Water droplets

Pure Enrichment PureSteam

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As the weight is light and the design is compact, you can bring Pure Enrichment PureSteam with you while traveling. Pure Enrichment PureSteam is one of the best clothes steamers, especially when you are looking for a small clothes steamer to put into a suitcase or even a carry-on hand luggage.

The safety of your holidays is also guaranteed since it shuts off automatically. Whenever the temperature is too high, or the water level is too low, an automatic shut-off setting will activate by itself. 

Similar to many other small models, one problem with this steamer is that it works just about half of the given time. The steaming is not continuous, which is not very pleasant.

B077F9V7G6 PurSteam

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Whenever you steam with B077F9V7G6 PurSteam-2020, you do not need to find somewhere to hang your clothes because it will do the job for you. All you have to do is to pull out the steamer and begin the task.

Hanger attachment and very powerful and continuous steaming explain why this model is an ideal home appliance. Specifically, you can tackle wrinkles on four pieces of clothes without having to refill water. Steaming 15 clothes in one hour is completely fine, helping you save more time.

This product can accomplish the task of steaming flawlessly with a variety of ironing accessories. But it is also a weak point as there are too many parts to assemble. 


  • Clothing hanger
  • Powerful and continuous steaming
  • A variety of ironing accessories


  • Too many parts to assemble

Conair CNRGS59 Turbo Clothes Steamer

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Steaming is much easier and faster as you use Conair CNRGS59 Turbo Clothes Steamer on your clothing. 

Unlike B006CR9KGA Conair Extreme Steam with three detachable attachments, this steamer only has a three-in-one attachment. Thanks to that, you can do the job quicker and simpler, both steaming and brushing.

You can gain faster and more effective results thanks to its brilliant functionality. The garment steamer’s soleplate is covered with ceramic for more smooth gliding and designed with double slots for more powerful steaming.

The good news is you can steam all kinds of garments, from delicate to heavy fabric, with five settings. However, whether you can steam your curtains or not is a question when the cord is short.


  • 3-in-1 attachment for both steaming and brushing
  • Smooth gliding and powerful steaming
  • Five settings for all kinds of garment


  • Short cord

J-2000 Jiffy Clothes Steamer

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Another ideal item for housing steaming is the J-2000 Jiffy Clothes Steamer. With large capacity, this steamer can work in one and a half hours after filling water. You can iron your clothes continuously without stopping. Also, the time for heating up is considerably short for such a large water tank. You need to wait about one minute, and let’s start.

One very important feature of a good house appliance is durability, and the J-2000 also has it. Mostly made from polymer plastic, the steamer can endure strong impacts and stay resilient. 

But the plastic cover is a drawback. As the steamer gets hotter, it releases a burning odor because of the cover. 


  • Large capacity
  • Short time for heating up
  • Durability with plastic cover


  • Burning odor on higher temperature

B01KOLQ8P0 Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

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Conair introduces another productive steamer – B01KOLQ8P0 Conair Turbo Extreme Steam. Accompanied by three-in-one attachment, this garment steamer can get the best result of steaming and brushing. 

Specifically, the silicon-made band stretches the fabric to help the steamer slide more smoothly. The next feature is a delicate garment spacer that prevents clothing from being damaged because of high temperature. Lastly, a bristle brush aims to loosen the garment, therefore, allows steam to penetrate deeper.

With these unique features, you can steam all of the clothing in your house in the best conditions. Your dresses, even delicate ones, will not be ruined by hot steam. Since the high temperature steam kills the bacteria, even cushion, sofa, or curtain will become fresh and gentle-touching. 

Despite powerful steaming, this product often requires refilling as it runs out of water quickly.


  • Silicon-made band
  • Delicate garment spacer
  • Bristle brush


  • Running out of water very fast

Rowenta Steamer

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If you seek a fabric steamer with strong steaming in a very short time, Rowenta Steamer is here for you – one of the best clothes steamers

You can apply Rowenta Steamer to a wide range of fabrics as it includes three accessories: garment brush, wrinkle attachment, and steam bonnet. These add-ons support stretching fabrics, let more hot moisture go deeper, and the plate glides effortlessly.

Rowenta Steamer has two steam modes, suitable for each fabric type. From fragile, large to thick, none of them can stop your steaming. It even works well on heavy clothes like jeans and jackets. 

The product is proud of its powerful steam. Very hot water during steaming can splash, so be careful with your fingers.


  • Garment brush, wrinkle attachment, and steam bonnet
  • Two steam levels
  • Powerful steam


  • The risk of burn

Spectrum Brands Fabric Steamer

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There is no need for you to look further as Spectrum Brands Fabric Steamer is right here. 

Spectrum Brands Fabric Steamer is extremely convenient, either at home or during holidays. Since the 15ft cord is very long, you can reach anywhere in your house, from curtains to couches. 

The safety of ironing garments is even guaranteed because of automatic power off setting. After 15 minutes of being inactive, the appliance will shut off, so that you do not need to worry about scorching. 

Because this clothes steamer is lightweight and small, it is a great choice for traveling. But  you should be mindful since water can easily spill over.


  • 15ft cord
  • Automatic shut-off setting
  • Light and compact


  • Water droplets

SALAV Garment Steamer

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A good suggestion for a limited budget is SALAV Garment Steamer from SALAV manufacture. At an affordable price, SALAV Garment Steamer still has optimal features:

The convenient steam nozzle provides heavy steam that loosens and stretches even the thickest garments. The very hot steam also wipes all the dust and kills all the bacteria on clothes, drapes, and upholstery.

The flexible structure and foldable hanger is perfect for fast and simple storage. Therefore, once you finish your steaming job, you can simply put it into the wardrobe to save space and make your room look well-organized.

Despite all the features for high convenience, if you hold the appliance in a low position, the steamer does not release so much.


  •  Strong steam
  • Adjustable structure
  • Foldable hanger


  • Less steam in low position 

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