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10 Consumer Reports Best Mattresses for Heavy Person

While there are tons of features and options on the mattress market, we understand the customers’ burden of finding the cream of the crop. Especially if you fall into the category of heavy sleepers, looking for the right mattress that supports the weight and leaves a soft contour over the body might be a challenge.

Besides, oversize sleepers often suffer from body aches due to lack of support. Therefore, this is the reason why we bring this article to you – to everyone who deserves a good quality rest and a comfortable wake in the morning. This article will soon kick off the detailed information that design for 300lbs+ people.

Top 10 Best Mattress for Heavy Person

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress – Best for Heavy People with Insomnia

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We’ll begin our research with a distinctive product from Zinus – a notable mattress brand that infuses all the excellent natural remedies into their products. With 12 inches of foam, this mattress is explicitly made to sustain heavy people’s weights.

As you can guess from the name, this mattress contains green tea in the first layer of the memory foam. It reduces stress-related hormones in your brain and allows you to relax after a long working day. But luring people into bed does not mean they will stay in bed throughout the night. Most people are often awakened due to their partners’ movement or mattress overheated.

Understanding these, Zinus infuses cooling gel in the mattress that resists body heat, bringing a genuinely restful sleep experience. Besides, it offers strong motion isolation properties to ensure uninterrupted sleep. You won’t even feel a thing when your partners move around.

Note: The process of inflation after unpackaging might require more than just 72 hours.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for heavy people who have insomnia
  • No sign of sag after regular use


  • Slow inflation after unpackaging

Ashley Chime Plush Hybrid Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress

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Mattress from Ashley Chime collection has always been customers’ favorite products after years. With 11 inches of foam and coils, Ashley Chime Plush Hybrid mattress is the best pick for heavier sleepers who want to experience a plush level of softness but still obtain maximum edge endurance. We understand that edge durability for oversize customers acts as an extra barrier that allows them to sleep closer to the side and keep them secure in one place.

Put this into mind, Ashley Chime provides 9 inches of individually wrapped coils to prevent sag around the entire bed after prolonged use. By perfectly combining an inch of the soft quilt, memory foam, and an additional layer of comfort support foam, this mattress assists extra coziness for heavier sleepers.

Note: Several customers state this mattress leaves permanent indentation after several uses.


  • Luxurious spring coils’ quality
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with all bases and frames


  • Leaving bed indents

Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Memory Foam

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As the name suggests, this mattress is the best memory foam option to have a sound sleep. The model comes with 4 foam layers and 12 inches in height, which promises to cradle all the pressure points, making it ideal for all three sleeping positions.

Without using a complicated spring system, Vibe Gel Memory Foam mattress’ gel-infused layer will make people feel like sinking into a fresh pool on a hot summer day. Apart from the cooling effect, gel-infused memory foam also prevents resistance from customers’ hips and shoulders, giving more support and layer to handle heavier weights. As a medium-plush mattress, Vibe Gel Memory Foam has done a great job providing all the needed features for oversize sleepers.

Note: It’s best if you carefully check your bed size before purchasing since this mattress isn’t compatible with all bed frames and bases


  • Does not get heated up
  • Easy to handle packaging
  • Inflate quickly


  • Not compatible with all bed frames and bases

Classic Brands Ultimate Gel Memory Foam – Best 14 Inches

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Cool Gel 2.0 Ultimate Gel mattress, a 14-inch unique product from a distinctive brand, brings us medium tension with varying layers of cooling foam.

This lavish dimension allows overweight people to sink in without sacrificing durability and stability. By combining its thickness and medium-firm tension, the mattress promises more massive customers an extremely resilient product that can bounce back no matter what weight pressure it receives.

Different layers of cool gel foams also get strengthened by the outstanding self-ventilation feature. Its open-cell design will allow better circulation and dissipate body heat.

Note: This mattress does not have supportive edges, which reduce the area availability of heavy people.


  • Quality materials
  • High Loft
  • Breathable


  • Soft edges

Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress – Best Cooling Mattress

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Reaching the top 5 of the lists is the Original Full Adaptive Foam mattress from Tuft & Needle. Like its name, this mattress is designed specifically for heavy sleepers – who frequently suffered from night sweat.

The company has undoubtedly overtaken the market by introducing an advanced cooling material called adaptive foam. This type of foam regulates as well as pulls away heat with cooling graphite and gel beads. Go along with this cooling feature is an open-cell cover. The breathable yet cozy cover provides a flexible sleep surface that keeps larger people comfortable all night long.

Note: The major issue with this product is durability. After using it for about half a year, the mattress will be stagged and getting softer.


  • 100 nights of sleep trial
  • Advanced cooling material
  • Inflated well and quick to size


  • Easily got stagged

Olee Sleep Hybrid Gel Infused Mattress – Best Economical Mattress

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Entering the market in 2015, Olee does know how to gain interest and favor from oversize users by providing everything they need with a budgeted price.

Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress isn’t an all-foam or all spring mattress but a hybrid mattress of two materials’ mixture. The model is flexible enough to adapt to people with different sleeping postures. The top layer of memory foam evenly distributes weights and adequately aligned the spine for back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, Pressure Relief feature adds cushioning to shoulders and hips.

The Gel-Infused function keeps customers’ body at the optimum temperature by adding more comfort to the product. At the same time, the innerspring coils encourage airflow to keep the body cool at night. 

Note: While you can get all of these features at a very budgeted price, the mattress might be heavy due to its innerspring coils.


  • Suitable for all three sleeping postures
  • Prevent back, shoulder, and hip’s pain
  • Firm and sturdy but still comfortable


  • Limited in sizes

Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress – Best Side Sleeper

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Given medium firmness, pressure relief, and open-cell ventilated memory foam, Modway Aveline mattress is the best fit for side sleepers. It does not sag, combats overheating, and maintains its shape from time to time, earning it best overall for heavy sleepers.

Memory foam is terrific for relieving the pressure of achy muscles and joints, leaving overweight side sleepers to have a more restful night sleep. However, the mattress is not super soft that makes sleepers sink through the mattress and end up in an awkward position. The 7 inches responsive base of the high-density foam layer will evenly distribute the weights, contour the customer’s back, and give enough support to promote a neutral spine.

Note: Unfortunately, for those who love the bouncy feel of mattress, this model is not for you.


  • Fast inflate in less than 24 hours
  • Dissipate body heat feature
  • Soft but has a definite level of firmness


  • Does not give a bouncy feel

Zinus Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress – Best Charcoal-Infused

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As we’ve mentioned before, Zinus knows how to use natural resources in making their mattresses; therefore, the charcoal-infused mattress is being called out this time. There is nothing more irritating when your brand-new mattress keeps lingering its funky chemical smell. And guess what? Zinus has brought us a charcoal-infused mattress that can kick out odor, antibacterial, wick away moisture as well as regulate temperature at your first unwrap!

But odor-neutralizing isn’t the main reason why it attracts lots of oversize customers. In fact, not only do 4.5 inches of foam and 7.5 inches of pocketed springs support up to 500 lbs customers, but they can even give users a signature reactive and bouncy feel.

These taller coils are designed to handle heavier weights, and the zoning makes the center of that layer firmer. By combining these features, heavier sleepers should feel more support in those under the lumbar zone.


  • Hybrid construction
  • High-quality material construction
  • Keeps odors out


  • No edges support

Molblly Memory Foam Mattress – Best Advanced Material

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The Molblly mattress provides customers ultimate comfort by adding all these advanced materials into the product: skin-friendly fabrics, buoyant, fireproof, no-sink support foams, as well as a washable cover. 

Many customers get allergic to the mattress’ fabric components. Therefore, Molblly can guarantee you that with CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in hand, their product is free from any harmful construction substances. Furthermore, you can easily remove and wash the cover without worrying it may tear down the product. 

We can’t stop praising this product without mentioning its three support foam layers, making this mattress works well for all heavy sleepers. Like any other memory foam mattress, these foams squish your weight and conform to your body shape.  

Note: The mattress inflates very slow and sometimes stops at 9” height.


  • No chemical smell
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable layers of foam


  • Inflation is slow

Swiss Ortho Sleep Wrapped Coil Pocket Spring – Best Luxurious Mattress

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Ending our top 10 list of best mattress for heavy person is the product from Swiss Ortho Sleep. Might you think luxury comes with expensive? True, but it’s not applicable for the price but the luxurious quality.

Without memory foam, this mattress is designed by combining Coils Spring to easily regulate temperature-sensitive, isolate motion, and offer excellent pressure relief. The mattress ensures that every oversize person can sleep peacefully throughout the night without experiencing body pains. Their bodies will instead sink gently into the foam surface, bringing a cloudlike feeling. 

In addition to these fantastic features from coil springs, it can also move independently to reduce motion transfer and noise-free sleep.

Note: However, spring coils will start making a squeaking sound after a specific time. 


  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • Advanced quality mattress
  • 10 years of warranty 


  • Squeaking noise