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5 Best Synthetic Oil Consumer Reports 2021

Many people still believe that synthetic oils are just a marketing ploy from lubricant manufacturers to milk more cash from car owners. They think that synthetic oils can’t yield any important performance gains and overall, are just a waste of money.

But real-life tests have pointed out that it’s actually not the case. Broadly speaking, the engine of your vehicle can undoubtedly benefit from these expensive oils.

Synthetic oils are a godsend if you won’t want to change oil too often as they can last 8000 miles or more while this number of conventional oils is between 3000 and 5000 miles. They are also a great companion if you often drive in extreme conditions like low temperatures.

It’s just a matter of whether you can find the best synthetic oil product for your vehicle, and with these awesome products, we can lend you a hand with that.

Top 5 Best Synthetic Oils Consumer Reports

Royal Purple High-Performance 5W-30 – High-performance Choice

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Royal Purple is a reputable engine oil brand and known for its top-notch series among racers and enthusiasts, and this high-performance synthetic oil can certainly live up to your expectations.

The main secret behind its superior performance – on the molecular scale – is the Synerlec additive, which generates super-strength ionic bonds between the oil and the surfaces of your engine. This is especially useful if your car runs with fuel having ethanol as this patented additive technology can prevent lubrication starvation and sludge.

Additionally, the Royal Purple High-Performance oil responds well with improved lubricity, strength, and viscosity, so your car can perform at its greatest condition, even under intense stress.

You can also expect to see an improvement in the fuel efficiency of your car, and this is true for oil change intervals as well. When you just switch to this Royal Purple, it’s required that you change it at the first 3000 miles, but afterward, you can enjoy from 8000 to 10000 miles of super performance from each oil change.


  • High-performance
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Protect against wears and tears


  • Expensive
  • Limited viscosity options

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic – Best for Diesel Engines

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Synthetic oils are not only a great companion for traditional gasoline cars but also have a proven track record for diesel engines, and Shell Rotella T6 is a prime example of this. You can use it safely for pick-up trucks, tractors, buses, minivans, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

T6 is a low-viscosity product that can help your car start easily and quickly in cold weather. It has even been tested to work with engines at as low as 30°F, something you don’t normally see on other synthetic oils.

That excellent versatility comes from the low level of ash, phosphorus, and sulfur in the additive. This combination allows for smooth operation while reducing the maintenance work needed.

On top of that, with the Shell Rotella T6, your car will produce just a small amount of carbon content, meaning it won’t pollute the environment as much as other high-additive products.


  • Ideal for diesel engines
  • Work perfectly in cold weather
  • Low-carbon emission


  • Not suitable for high-performance engines
  • Need better packaging.

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology – High-mileage Option

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When your car has at least 75000 miles under its belt, it’s time you must step up and invest in the right product like Valvoline High Mileage to protect it from breakdown.

Designed to keep your car in its best condition as long as possible and prevent any further wear, MaxLife is what makes this Valvoline oil stand out from other high-mileage products. This technology gives your engine extra protection by including many antioxidants that are well-known for their ability to avoid deposit formulation as well as engine-clogging sludge.

There are also other additives that have been added to work along with the MaxLife technology. They are different from those in other products as this Valvoline oil favors longevity and durability over raw performance, and most of them get the job done decently.

On top of that, the Valvoline High Mileage oil also features seal conditioners to breathe new life into the seals of your aging engine and avoid oil leaks.


  • Excellent oil for old engines
  • Can rejuvenate aging seals
  • Can prevent deposit formulation


  • Not a good choice if you prefer performance
  • Expensive

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Value for Money

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When Amazon entered the motor oil market, it generated big news and doubts about its quality at the same time. But this AmazonBasics full synthetic oil has proven to be a high-grade and reliable option for general purposes at a reasonable price.

It aims to provide better performance and protection at both high and low temperatures than other mineral-based products by using highly-refined oils. This, in turn, also makes it resistant to thermal breakdown and oxidation while extending drain intervals as well.

Real tests have shown that the AmazonBasics synthetic oil has no noticeable difference in mileage, horsepower, or performance when compared to other expensive engine oils on the market. Like those high-end products, it can protect your car from contaminants and minimize engine deposits as well.

If you still have much hesitation, be assured that this motor oil has been ILSAC GF-5, API SN, and Dexos1 Gen 2 approved, even Amazon is just a new name in the synthetic oil business.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality blend
  • Work great at both high and low temperatures


  • Not ideal for turbocharged vehicles
  • Have not been certified with many European cars

Castrol Power 1 – Best Choice for Your Motorcycle

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Just like a standard car or truck, your bike can enjoy the benefits of synthetic oils such as Power 1 from Castrol – one of the leading lubricant manufacturers.

Famous for its success with racing engines, it’s not a surprise when Castros has introduced a technology that is inspired by powerful and high-speed cars – the Race-Derived Technology. It’s designed to make the oil flow faster to bring down the friction level inside your car’s engine, even under extreme conditions.

Trizone is another unique technology that has been equipped to Power 1. It extends drain intervals and prevents clutch slipping, making this Castro synthetic oil compliant with JASO MA2 and API SL standards.

But the list of innovative technologies under this motorcycle oil doesn’t stop here. Going under the hood is also the Power Release feature, whose basic job is to increase the power of your engine on huge acceleration.


  • Improve clutch response and acceleration
  • Reduce friction to protect the engine
  • Better mileage for each oil change


  • Poor packaging
  • Not compatible with 2-stroke engines